Working Groups

Working groups #

If you want to help out with Mwmbl, this is the place to be! Working groups allow people to coordinate work on a specific aspect of Mwmbl. Get in touch on our Matrix server and let us know how you’d like to be involved.

Community and Communication #

This group is responsible for liasing with the Mwmbl community, and promoting Mwmbl via blogging, social media and traditional media. So far we have a blog, a YouTube channel and a Twitter account, and we have a very long way to go in terms of filling them out!

We need creators of all types including writers, designers and video creators who care about the things we’re working on.

Incorporation #

We need to form an official organisation to allow us to do things like open bank accounts and accept donations with tax benefits. This group is responsible for logistics of doing this.

We need someone with general managerial skills, any experience with law, contracts, accounts or bookkeeping would be fantastic.

Webmaster Tools #

At the moment the Mwmbl software is focused on search users. But we need to build software to be used by webmasters too. This helps with our long term goal of making the web a better place, since the webmaster tools will show how sites can be designed to improve the user experience.

We need people with all kinds of skills including product specialists, designers, UX experts, and front and back-end developers.

Mwmbl Platform #

This group is going to implement the most exciting aspect of Mwmbl that doesn’t exist yet: allowing users to edit the search results. We will become the Wikipedia of search!

It is also responsible for maintaining the entire front-end.

We need product specialists, designers, UX experts, and front and back-end developers.

Infrastructure #

This team is responsible for implementing continuous deployment and making sure the site runs reliably.

We need infrastructure engineers and software developers.

Search Quality #

This team is responsible for continuously improving the search results quality. This includes building datasets and evaluation frameworks, and designing new ranking algorithms to improve our results.

We need product specialists, NLP specialists, search engineers, data scientists and machine learning engineers.

Search Engineering #

This team is responsible for developing the core search engine functionality. This needs to be maintained independently from the Mwmbl platform as it can potentially become a popular resource in its own right. It involves optimising the code to make it as fast and resource efficient as possible.

We need product specialists, search engineers and software engineers.

Fraud and Spam Prevention #

As we continue to grow, fraud and spam will become serious problems. Fraud prevention will need to be built into the platform.

We need product specialists, data scientists, machine learning engineers and software engineers.

Localization #

This team is responsible for allowing Mwmbl to work in as many locales as possible.

We need product specialists, translators and software engineers.

Semantic Web and Structured Data #

Where standards for structured data are already being used, we need to make use of them within Mwmbl, and we also need to encourage the adoption of new and existing standards for structured data. This team is responsible for making that happen!

We need product specialists, semantic web and structured data experts and software engineers.

Research and Development #

There are tons of opportunities for doing research with the data we are collecting, our extension users and our APIs.

These people get to play around with our data and APIs to do amazing research and build amazing things! These will then be used to promote Mwmbl and grow the community.

We need researchers, social scientists, data scientists, hackers and anyone that is excited about doing cool stuff with Mwmbl!