Developers Guide #

Local installation #

  1. We use poetry to manage dependencies. Follow the installation instructions to install poetry on your machine.

  2. Clone the repo into a local directory and cd into the directory.

  3. Ensure python version 3.10 is installed

  4. Configure poetry to use python:

    poetry env use 3.10
    poetry config true


  5. Enter a poetry shell and install dependencies:

    poetry shell
    poetry install


  6. Start the local server against a small index:

    python -m mwmbl.main


  7. Make a search request in chrome (or your favorite REST api tool):

    > http://localhost:5001/search?s=Newton

Building your own index #

To specify a data directory, run

python -m mwmbl.main --data [data_dir]

where [data_dir] is the path to a directory which will store the index. If there is no index in this path, it will be created.