Developers Guide #

Local Testing #

This will run against a local test database without running background tasks to update batches etc.

You will need a PostgreSQL database.

Check that you are running Python 3.10 If not then either install it from your distro or from

  1. Install poetry
  2. Configure poetry to use python3.10:
    poetry env use 3.10
    poetry config true
  3. Run poetry shell in the root directory to enter the virtual environment
  4. Run poetry install to install dependencies

Now to build the Vitejs/htmx frontend install node Specifically you will need Nodejs 16 or later

  1. In the front-end directory run npm install then npm run build

Set some environment variables:

  1. First set the config $ export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=mwmbl.settings_dev
  2. For the database set $ export DATABASE_URL="postgres://yourusername:yourpassword@localhost/yourdbname" Where you replace username, password and database name respectivley with your own credentials.

Note that you can also directly edit the config in mwmbl/setttings*.py instead of the environment variables.


  1. Run the migrations python3 migrate
  2. To start the service run python3 runserver
  3. Make a search request in chrome (or your favorite REST api tool):
    > http://localhost:8000/search?s=Newton